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"I'm not going to do a pop album anytime soon. I'm not going to dye my hair blonde and wear pink mini-skirts."
"I got serious about acting when I was 8."
"My family are very supportive and always have been. They weren't the kind of parents that pushed me into it. I know a lot of parents of kid actors I've worked with have pressured them into acting, but my parents are different. I'm really lucky to have them because they let me make my own decisions."
"There's lots of people in the industry that I admire and look up to, especially Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman because they're Aussies and they're doing really well in the US. I guess, in a way, I aspire to have careers like theirs."
"My part in 'Halifax f.p', for which I won an AFI award for Best Young Actor in 2002, has been my favourite so far because I like playing juicy roles. But my biggest highlight was meeting Heath Ledger and Orlando Bloom during the filming of 'Ned Kelly'. They were both really, really nice; but Orlando is my favourite."

About Emily
"Emily is a classic case of somewhere, somehow you find the actress you are supposed to find. She was 14 going on 42. She's intelligent, articulate and very serene." (by Silberling, Lemony Snicket's director)
"She's going to break a million hearts!" (by Jim Carrey)